US Horoscopes: Event Possibilities List

possible event types  used for chart comparison and analysis

As of 29 July 2012 these are the event types I have thought of to use for chart comparison and analysis.

To compare events astrologically we need a list of critical ones. I derived the following type of events off the top of my head to get us started. Please feel free to suggest other categories in comments or on our facebook page.

The list is broken down into the two top categories, subject to revision, of Historical and Astrological:


  • Wars
  • Major Legislation
  • Elections
  • Popular Events
  • Other phenomena


  • Ingresses
  • Eclipses
  • Outer Planet Quadrature Alignments
  • Comets

An Ongoing Process

History, of which this project is an ongoing process–History Never Gets Old ( I made that up)–so this list will keep growing. Plus, what are the limits? Should we use Columbus discovery of the New World? Why not? It’s just an experiment.


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