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The horoscope of the United States of America remains an unsettled issue. Yes, many accept the ‘Sibly’ Horoscope for 4 July 1776, but there are many reasons to dispute it. And dispute it astrologers do. Those who favor a particular candidate cane be vociferous in response. The topic often arises on the mundane astrologers open group. There, the promise to once and for all get to the bottom of the issue arises and then dies at the prospect of the workload involved. After all, at closer examination there are many candidates for the “real US horoscope”. Jacqueline Bigar counts over 50 in a blog on the topic. Finding the right one could involve comparing a list of events against each possibility across many variations involving transits,  progressions etc. After accumulating these data, a system for grading each chart must be designed and then executed. A tough task, but not an impossible one. In summary, that is what US Horoscopes at mundaneastrologers.com is all about.


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