2012 Elections

Excellent and thorough, Frank. I like the systematic approach and elimination of distracting current rhetoric. Your use of astro-cartography toward the end shows me that it does have some value although I much prefer Johndro’s methods whic
h although a bit tedious are quite precise. I agree that the invisible planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are not part of the traditional dignity scheme but I do think they have their own adjunct set of dignities and can be used in a traditional manner. For the national chart I prefer Sibley and he has served well but, each has his preference and historical justification. I can only cite tradition and performance. I like your inclusion of the eclipses and ingress, and the focus on Mercury changing station. I do generally use a different house system but usually that doesn’t make much difference. These are technicalities but do bear on the delineation.

Based solely on the Sibley chart, the ingresses, and that of the sitting president, I have already made my predictions which include the aftermath through 2014. I’ve been fooled by opening of the polls charts too often in the past. Simply using candidate charts is also often misleading. I have some confidence in my findings using this approach, of course, that could be misplaced. Logic is an excellent way to go wrong with confidence. Yet, observed developments appear to be supporting the expected developments. I did also take the comet 96P.Macholz into account (perihelion 23 Cancer 07/14/12) and don’t yet have the data on the approaching predicted bright comet of 2013. Anyone else use comets ?

Maybe I missed something but I don’t recall seeing a conclusion to the analysis. What are you predicting specifically based on these charts ? Does the current administration continue ? How do conditions change or do they ? Any insight into economic and diplomatic repercussions or is there no significant change ?

If the inauguration were a medical horary (the client or patient as the nation), how would we judge the complaint and its cause and what prognosis would we give ? As time permits, that might be a fruitful exploration. Very different approach but maybe useful.

Keep up the good work, Frank. We’ll see how things turn out.


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